Triple E Farms - Family farm dedicated to raising healthy grass fed, grass finished livestock

Consumer Information

Grassfed/pasture based farming restores natural ecosystems and wildlife habitat. It improves the soil with organic matter and reduces CO2. Which provides a healthier environment for us and our animals! Healthy beef = healthy people! You are what you eat!

Discover The Difference

Focus On Soil, Which We Believe to Be Key to Healthy Animals and Humans

Pure Breed of Cattle, South Poll Which Excel on Forage Only Diet

Focused on the Welfare of Our Cattle...

Zero Stress = Tender Beef!

No Growth Hormones, Pesticides or Herbicides Used… Ever

Support Wildlife Habitat

Beef from one cow… we do not mix our ground beef with multiple cows… just one!

Feed our cattle just forage grown on our farm in healthy soil with just sun and rain

Grassfed beef contains 3 X as many heart healthy omega 3s, 7 X the vitamin A, 10 X more vitamin E and cancer fighting antioxidants.  (Study by UC Davis)